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Renssi – Milling and cleaning machines
Renssi – Milling and cleaning machines
Very lightweight machine, designed for the transport to any room. It is equipped with extendable 10m cable and can open inlets up to DN 150, in addition to all cleaning activities.

These milling machines are particularly economical due to the very low initial cost compared to the high efficiency they provide:

  • reliable opening of inlets in the shortest possible time
  • hardly any maintenance and servicing
  • simple assembly and uncomplicated own maintenance
  • needs only 230V socket
In smaller nominal diameters the machine feels most comfortable:

  • Can be used in DN 50 – 200
  • goes through several curves and works in different pipe dimensions

The handling is very simple:

  • the machine can be taken anywhere
  • the tools are selected according to the field of application
  • jobs that previously had to be outsourced due to a lack of equipment can now be carried out by the company itself
For all circumstances there is the right tool for the Renssi machine!
A particular advantage over conventional cleaning machines is that the spiral does not come into direct contact with the pipe wall but is covered by a protective hose and rotates inside the hose. This prevents the spiral from becoming frayed or twisted in an obstruction. The tools are then attached to replaceable extensions to greatly increase the life of the spiral and the machine. The hardened metal tools with attached tines and reinforced welds do the rest. In addition, if there is too much resistance at an obstacle, the adjustable clutch on the drive of the machine rotates and a breakage of the spiral is prevented. With up to 3000 revolutions per minute, however, the machine can handle just about any challenge.

Chain knockers

There are chains for all areas of application and all common pipe cleaning machines. We sell chains with and without carbide attachments as well as disc chains with carbide attachments or only carbide coated. They fit on the RENSSI system, on T-slot connections in 16, 20 and 22 mm as well as on square clutches.

Ask for the prices! A comparison could be worth it!

Cutting tools

The cutting tools are used in various areas of the inliner process. They can be used, for example, to open up glued-up inlets or remove collapsed liners. In addition, the “excess cutter” can be used to cut off a closed end.


Four sandpapers are attached to the sandpaper holder in order to rotate them in an opened inlet. With the help of the sandpaper, the ” roughly ” opened inlet is grinded out cleanly. There are two different sizes for different pipe diameters.

Nylon/steel brushes

Brushes are perfect for cleaning plastic pipes without damaging them. They can also be used to center various tools. They are especially suitable for cleaning before spraylining. The brushes are made of high quality nylon or steel and both in combination. They are available from DN 50 to DN 200, and with a purchase quantity of 10 pieces, we can also create individual brushes according to your needs.

Test the Renssi machine without any commitment or order tools for your existing cleaning machine!

Milling and cleaning machine in one, at a low purchase price!