Bodenbender EasyCure
Specially developed heating technology for accelerating the curing times of pipe liners.
The Bodenbender EasyCure can be easily run via the domestic power supply and does not require a water supply or similar.

Range of application: From DN 30 to DN 150
The following applies: The smaller the nominal diameter, the faster the pipe heats up to the maximum temperature.

EasyCure can be used in all types of old pipe!
For this purpose, it can either be installed subsequently in the liner (90° bends are no problem) or directly inverted.

Temperatures of up to 60°C are reached inside the pipe – perfect in combination with our Bodenbender EP rehabilitation resin!

EasyCure 15

EasyCure 30

EasyCure 50

Dimesnsions (mm)

500 x 560 x 260

500 x 560 x 260

500 x 560 x 260

Cable length (m)




Nominal diameter range

DN 30 - DN 150

DN 30 - DN 150

DN 30 - DN 150

Power (W)




Weight (kg)




Your efficiency advantage:

  • Automatic heat control eliminates the need for permanent monitoring of curing (measurements still necessary!)
  • Consistent heat radiation over the entire distance
  • No water connection necessary and can therefore be used almost anywhere
  • Quiet and clean work – especially in residential areas
  • Easy to transport due to low weight even with 50 m cable length
  • Several units can be stacked on top of each other, making them easy to store even in small renovation trailers.

EasyCure Plug

For the inversion by hand

Available in 3 different sizes:

  • DN 50 – DN 100
  • DN 100 – DN 125
  • DN 125 – DN 150

Closes securely and easily.