Inliner-System ToolBox

Your set with all necessary tools and many accessories for a successful inliner renovation.

Available with or without transport case set.

Optional: Upgrade the case set with the installation of the control unit for the Bodenbender DampfBox.

Contents of the ToolBox
  • 1x Milwaukee combination wrench set, 15 pieces
  • 1x Milwaukee screwdriver Tri-Lobe without impact cap, 6 pieces
  • 1x Milwaukee hex key socket set, 9 pieces
  • 1x Milwaukee 1/2″ ratchet and socket set, 28 pieces
  • 1x Milwaukee 1/4″ ratchet, socket and bit set, 38 pieces
  • 1x Milwaukee metal drill bits, 19-piece
  • 1x Milwaukee cordless straight grinder 18V, 2x battery 5.0Ah, charger
  • 1x Milwaukee cordless screwdriver 18V
  • 1x Milwaukee cordless angle grinder 18V
  • 1x Milwaukee cordless stirrer 18V
  • 1x Milwaukee battery-powered blaster 12V
  • 1x Diamond cutting disc Ø 125 mm
  • 1x Diamond cutting disc Ø 75 mm
  • 1x Tool holder for cutting disc 75 mm
  • 1x Stopcock with Storz connection, both sides
  • 2x floor bender Flutsch
  • 1x ground bender cover fleece
  • 2x safety goggles
  • 3x ear plugs

…and much more!

Further accessories

In addition to our tool package, you can also get other accessories for inliner rehabilitation from us from a single source.
The advantage is that all materials have been tested in practice for more than two decades and have been improved over time.
You no longer need to worry whether you have bought the right equipment:


  • Inversion extension for the InversionDrum
  • InversionNozzle
  • InlinerTap
  • EasyCure plug for inversion of the EasyCure by hand
  • Thermostat to measure the heating curve
  • FlickSet – A complete set for patching
  • Cup stirring tool for stirring up the resin
  • Cutting disc for opening pipes, liners and similar
  • And much more

Hose extension

Inversion nozzles



Bodenbender EasyCure Plug

EasyCure Plug





Bodenbender cutting disc for Inliner-System

Cutting disc