Bodenbender FlexLiner

Needle felt hose available in various wall thicknesses. An excellent result is always achieved in combination with Bodenbender EP resin. This liner proves its worth with its stability, even with large nominal diameters. Available in DN 100 – DN 500.

The felt liner series is completed with the liner for all applications – the Flex 3D

This liner can be used in all domestic connections thanks to its good bendability and capacity to expand up to 50%.

With the recently developed 4mm basic wall thickness, it requires less resin and can be constructed at will.

This product has been exclusively developed with the aim of creating fewer models to suit all requirements.

Our in-house hose range:

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In addition to our Bodenbender FlexLiner series, we also offer the Brawoliner®, the Brawoliner® 3D and the Brawoliner® XT.

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Ask about the Flex 3D

A needle felt hose for all applications in the house connection!

More products of the Bodenbender Inliner-System

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