Our standards


Each of our products not only meets the strict quality requirements of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt), but also our own demand for the highest quality solutions:

Due to our years of experience as a service provider, we know exactly the different challenges on construction sites.

The ongoing refinements and new development of our own products and machines is therefore not only based on technical know-how, but always goes along with practical experiments and tests. We only offer what brings an advantage on the construction site, is easy to use and safe.

This results in our typical Bodenbender quality - and these standards apply in all areas: whether resins, hoses, equipment or in the construction, conversion and bodywork of the vehicles.

The fact that one of the very first repair systems for the partial rehabilitation of sewage pipes, which originated in our company building, is still an almost unchanged fixed component of our product range after continuous further development, illustrates the Bodenbender quality. In the first 20 years alone, an estimated 550,000 Bodenbender Point-Liner® systems were installed - especially our innovative resin systems with special formulation are a guarantee for durability.

Our promise of quality goes beyond in-house inspection. With the support of the entire team at the construction sites, we do everything to ensure that your renovation projects also have the best possible quality. We do not only advise and support you by phone or on site, we also train you. In our own academy as a practice-oriented training, or digitally via our eLearning programme.


As a pioneer in the field of trenchless sewer rehabilitation, we are now one of the leading players in the industry in terms of know-how and range of solutions. But as practitioners, we know what is important as well:

Being where we are needed - on the phone, on the construction site or in the academy.

At Bodenbender, every employee has had his or her own experience on the construction site or in training courses. From cleaning to renovation. That's why we advise and support you as we would expect ourselves.

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation as a vocation - that is the guiding principle here.

The close connection to the material, the thrill of the challenges on the construction sites and the contact to you are what make up our service. We see ourselves as partners. Partner of the profession and partner of you.


Not only do we focus on reliability with our products, but also with our team. Reliability is a standard for us, but we offer even more. Our technicians are at your side with help and advice - even outside regular business hours if necessary. With our entire service package, we see ourselves not only as a supplier of usable materials, but also as an advisor and partner who will help your company move forward safely and steadily.