The Bodenbender Academy: Our responsibility to share knowledge.

Ever since the market launch of our Bodenbender Point-Liner® system in 1991, training our customers and partners has been an essential part of our corporate identity. The idea of free training comes from our own responsibility towards our environment and the preservation of our waters. As one of the first companies in the field of trenchless sewer rehabilitation, we want to fulfil our responsibility to pass on knowledge. We see comprehensive personal instruction as the cornerstone for the quality of the end product – typical Bodenbender.

Whether it is for the Point-Liner® or the Inliner system: You can be sure that you will receive the best training, support and advice at our premises or at your construction site. Due to many years of experience as a service provider for municipalities and private households and thus users of our own product, our team can rely on extensive practical knowledge and can pass this on.

At our headquarters in Biedenkopf in central Hesse, our new space is waiting for training, exchange and experiments. This place has been built especially for interested and existing customers and offers, besides a spacious and bright seminar room for the theoretical part of the trainings, a large hall for practical uses and experiments.

At our Swiss site (Münchwilen AG), training rooms have also been waiting for you since September 2020. In addition to a very spacious hall, smaller seminar rooms are also available.

We are also happy to conduct individual training courses, such as the training of career changers so that they are ready for the next construction site – just get in touch with us.

If you or your team would like to make an appointment for training, please get in touch with your contact partner or use the contact form.