Further development? Improve your skills? Dare to try something new? 

With Bodenbender by your side.

Are you a pipe cleaner and would like to finally dare to start rehabilitating sewers? Or are you a career changer and see your new passion in sewer rehabilitation? Then we are exactly the right partner for you!

Our DIBt-certified systems provide you with high-quality products and allow you to work with solutions that are optimally compatible with each other. In addition, you benefit from our many years of experience – as a renovator and training partner.

No matter whether you have already accepted jobs or would like to be trained in advance: We adapt our programme to the requirements and train you in our in-house Bodenbender Academy, so that you are optimally prepared for your first jobs.

After completing the training, all participants receive corresponding certificates.

What happens next?

Our technician, your “training mentor”, will accompany you on your first construction sites if necessary, in order to support you in your first “real” experience. All our technicians have practical experience and have spent years learning on construction sites in their own service or with large rehabilitation companies. Your mentor will support you until you are confident enough to work on the sites independently.

In addition to practical training at one of our sites in Germany or Switzerland, we also offer the possibility of using our eLearning service. This is free of charge for Bodenbender customers and what you have already learned can be repeated and deepened virtually.

Why rehabilitate sewers instead of “just” cleaning them?

There are many reasons, but let’s be honest: Most of the time the work is there, the demand is high and you want to earn more money to secure your business. With us, you have the opportunity to expand your business and establish another business pillar.

Furthermore, it is estimated that the existing rehabilitation companies do not have the capacity to rehabilitate all the sewers that break every year. So it’s a growth market.

Why are we doing this?

There is no state-recognised professional training for sewer rehabilitation and we want to fill this gap.

We see ourselves as partners of your company and would like to help you earn money with good, reputable sewer rehabilitation.