Vehicle upgrade
Bodenbender Vehicle Module Renovation Module


The rehabilitation module is designed as a standard version for fast installation in existing rehabilitation vehicles. It is available in two different designs, with and without a conveyor belt. Furthermore, it contains a climatic chamber with space for up to 200 kg of resin and a tool cabinet, as well as further storage for materials in the centre. Thanks to the well-designed weight distribution, this module fits almost all trailers and rehabilitation vehicles. So you needn’t do without the usual Bodenbender quality when preparing an Inliner or a Point-Liner.

Bodenbender vehicle system hanging cabinet


Cabinet for storing tools and material. Easily accessible and space saving, the cabinet normally hangs on the right-hand sidewall for storing equipment such as the ThermoBox and the InversionDrum.

Bodenbender vehicle system climatic cabinet


Insulated climatic chamber for tempering the resin. The standard design offers space for up to 200 kg of resin.

Bodenbender vehicle system tool cart


Designed to be moved freely around the building site. In rehabilitation vehicles with lifting platforms, the tool cart can be driven up to the shaft and loaded with all necessary materials and tools. Its design offers plenty of space for all possible fittings and tools that you might spontaneously require on the construction site.

Bodenbender vehicle system tool cabinet


The tool cabinet is also part of the Bodenbender vehicle system module family and offers sufficient space for all tools. The tailor-made drawer sizes can be configured to your requirements, allowing space for large power tools or consumables such as CombiPacks.

Bodenbender vehicle system module

Further modules

A variety of different modules can be installed in the Bodenbender vehicle system. The profile design offers virtually endless possibilities. We have implemented several ideas over the years, from tool chests to simple storage options. All modules can be combined and individually designed, either with your existing rehabilitation vehicle or to create a brand new one.