Bodenbender Vehicle system

Individually constructed trailers, box bodies and vehicle upgrades.

Our trailers are based on a bespoke-made and fully galvanised frame. As side walls we use sandwich elements with a non-swelling synthetic multi-tec inlay, which also has outstanding insulating properties and a tear resistance of 50 kg. Our standard trailers are available 4000/4800 long x 2200 wide x 2136 high mm (internal dimensions) and a perm. total weight of up to 3500 kg.

Rehabilitation vehicle

Bodenbender-Vehicle System Renovation Vehicle

Rehabilitation trailer
Large or small

Bodenbender-Vehicle System Renovation trailer
Impressions of our work:
With meanwhile more than 50 upgraded vehicles we can look back on various projects and are sure that the individualization of your vehicle is no problem for us. Due to the mixture of our always used PL® modules as well as the completely individual arrangement depending on the vehicle type, our vehicle systems will meet all requirements:

  • Air conditioning of the resins
  • Conveyor technology
  • lifting technology
  • attached impregnation table
  • connections for electrics and compressed air
  • office workstation
  • as trailer or mobile
build your own workstation!

– with the Bodenbender vehicle system