Shaft renovation
Shaft renovation

…when the chemistry fits!

We have relied on the products of IPA – Bauchemische Produkte GmbH for several years. The company based near Munich focuses on quality and user-friendly products – a philosophy that we share in the same way.
Since spring 2023, we have been strengthening this cooperation: A close partnership in the areas of research, development and innovation has been established.

The result: the best products for the special requirements in wastewater systems – chemically founded and practically proven.

“Our company has a comprehensive product range in the field of waterproofing and renovation of buildings. The focus is on water and wastewater systems with DibT approvals for WHG and manhole applications as well as surface protection in industry. With Bodenbender we gain a potent distribution partner with access to completely new customer groups for IPA. On the other hand, IPA’s existing customer base can be won over for the Bodenbender product range – a real win-win situation. But our existing customers will also benefit from our expanded product range as a result of the cooperation. Likewise, we see in the cooperation the opportunity to jointly develop new markets in the EU and worldwide and also to jointly process projects worldwide.”

Ulrich Koppermann

CEO, IPA Bauchemische Produkte GmbH

IPA Polyschicht 2K is a two-component, solvent-free polymer/silicate-based coating system consisting of binding agent and hardener component. The coating can be made electrostatically dissipative.

Öko Cleaner is a non-flammable ester-based solvent with high cleaning power for IPA Polyschicht 2K and IPABUR injection resins.

IPAPUR is used as an injection and grouting material, especially for sealing water-bearing cracks in structural and civil engineering, e.g. water penetration, in civil engineering, for displacing water in water-bearing cracks and cavities.

IPANEX Stopfmörtel is a ready-mixed, swellable, water-impermeable, mineral-based rapid binder mortar according to DIN 18557. IPANEX Stopfmörtel has a preset open time and is mixed with water only. IPANEX Stopfmörtel is a WW walling, grouting, laying and repair mortar according to DIN 19573 and is classified as a WW coating mortar DIN 19573 – B2 – XWW3.

Unimörtel Rapid is a sulfate-resistant, fast-setting, low-shrinkage cement-based repair mortar for damp areas. Unimörtel rapid is a WW walling, grouting, laying and repair mortar according to DIN 19573 and is classified as a WW coating mortar DIN 19573 – B2 – XWW3.


The shaft rehabilitation set

The manhole rehabilitation set contains a variety of accessories for working with our layering material.

A scale and a drill are also required for use.

For a purchase recommendation, you are welcome to contact us or wait for your written offer – our purchase recommendation is included there.

The set includes:

  • 1 pc. wing stirrer
  • 3 pcs. mixing bucket
  • 5 pcs. applicator rollers (15 cm)
  • 1 pc. handle holder application roller (15 cm)
  • 10 pcs. application rolls (10 cm)
  • 1 pc. handle holder application roll (10 cm)
  • 3 pcs. scraper grid
  • 1 pc. tassel
  • 1 pc. brush for cleaning the surface
  • 6 pcs. flat brush
  • 5 pairs of Camatril gloves green
  • 5 pcs. Tyvek overalls
  • 5 pcs. mouth/nose protector (face mask)

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